Mississippi has the 5th highest rate of new HIV diagnoses in the country at 13.6 per 100,000 individuals, and over half of new HIV diagnoses…

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HIV treatment of pregnant and postpartum persons via telehealth

Due to limited access to HIV -specialists and high-risk obstetric care outside of the tri-county Charleston area, many pregnant people with HIV in SC’s Lowcountry…

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Home-Based Cardiac Rehab Program

Cardiac rehab has been shown to impact secondary prevention after cardiac events, most patients in rural areas have difficulty accessing care because ofdistance to facility-based…

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Workforce Development

ICU Innovations Digital health solutions to improve quality of ICU care

MUSC has a longstanding, successful ICU education and quality improvement initiative that it has rolled out to its Tele-ICU sites. However, the growth of this…

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Telehealth Experience

ICU process and outcome measures within community hospitals with and without tele-ICU

Using electronic health record data from two MUSC community hospitals in our Regional Health Network (RHN) we will examine: ventilator settings, medications, ICU length of…

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Medicare & Medicaid

Implementation and Evaluation of the National Diabetes Prevention Program in a Telehealth Setting for Medicaid Beneficiaries

This project will develop, implement, and evaluate a model for reimbursement for delivering the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) in a telehealth setting with 360…

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Implementation of Innovative Telehealth Programs- Virtual RN Project

There is an acute nursing shortage in the country that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurse burnout and the ability to therefore recruit…

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Telehealth Specialty Services

Improving Multimodal Communication Treatment for People with Aphasia

Multimodal Communication Treatment (MCT, Purdy & Wallace, 2015) is an effective treatment to train people with a neurogenic communication disorder (aphasia) to use various communication…

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