Remote Patient Monitoring

Continuous Virtual Monitoring (tele-sitter) Program

Mitigating the risk of patient falls and behavioral issues is a major challenge in U.S. hospitals. These issues are costly for hospitals and can lead…

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School-based Health

Cost Effectiveness and Analysis of School-Based Telehealth

MUSC has been working to conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis to determine: (a) the effect of school telehealth on use of asthma controller medications using Medicaid…

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Emergency Health

Cost-Effectiveness and other Analyses of Telestroke

Telestroke was selected as the first program for a cost-effectiveness analysis. Based on data available, a number of important manuscripts arose from these evaluations.

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Telehealth Research and Research Methods

Develop Resources for Telehealth Research

In addition to evaluation of specific clinical programs, the MUSC COE has a variety of resources available to support telehealth research more broadly.

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Emergency Health

Disseminating Telestroke Best Practices (partnership with CDC/NORC)

The MUSC Telestroke program was selected to participate in the CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Telehealth Assessment. The purpose of the assessment…

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Evaluation and Dissemination of MUSC’s Telehealth Service Implementation Model (TSIMTM)

In 2018, the MUSC Center for Telehealth adapted a structured framework for the development of telehealth services entitled TSIMTM, or Telehealth Service Implementation Model. This…

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Health Equity

Heat mapping telehealth

Showing geographic representations of telehealth utilization (“heat maps”) alongside population and social determinants of health mapping can help inform telehealth programs and payment policy. The…

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HIV treatment of pregnant and postpartum persons via telehealth

Due to limited access to HIV -specialists and high-risk obstetric care outside of the tri-county Charleston area, many pregnant people with HIV in SC’s Lowcountry…

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