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Telehealth Experience

Enhancing Inmate Healthcare via Telehealth

According to a report by the PW Charitable trusts, delivering adequate medical care to the more than 1 million adults in state prisons is a…

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Telehealth Specialty Services

Improving Multimodal Communication Treatment for People with Aphasia

Multimodal Communication Treatment (MCT, Purdy & Wallace, 2015) is an effective treatment to train people with a neurogenic communication disorder (aphasia) to use various communication…

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Maternal Health

Assessing the Impact of Cellular-Enabled Remote Patient Monitoring for Diabetes Management during Pregnancy on Maternal and Neonatal Clinical Outcomes

In collaboration with the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, Type 1 (T1DM) and Type 2 (T2DM) diabetes mellitus during pregnancy effects one out of six…

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Project ECHO - Pediatric Dermatology

This project represents a significant collaborative effort between the Center for Telehealth at UMMC and Dr. Sarah Asch from Hometown Pediatric Dermatology, LLC in the…

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Project ECHO - Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the Community ECHO

Mississippi has the highest rate of STI’s (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis) in the United States. Mississippi has seen a remarkable increase in syphilis in recent…

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Primary Care

The Weight of Complexity

Our team recognizes the difficulties in ensuring children with medical complexities (CMC) receive adequate nutrition and the role malnutrition plays in their health complications. We…

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Behavioral Health

Mental Health Workforce Development - Ole Miss "COPE" Clinic Collaboration

Accomplish the two-fold goal of training future and existing mental health providers on best practices for Telehealth delivery and to demonstrate how collaborations such as…

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Health Equity

CMS Data Procurement

We want to compare the Telehealth Utilization in the State of Mississippi before pandemic (2019), during pandemic (2020), and after pandemic (2021)

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