James T. McElligott, MD, MSCR

Co-Investigator, Medical University of South Carolina

Dr. McElligott is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Executive Medical Director of the Center for Telehealth, as well as the Co-Chair of the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance (SCTA). He contributes his expertise in strategically planning and implementing telehealth programs to each team and leads the "Optimizing and Evaluating Health System Parameters for Ambulatory Telehealth" sub-project. As PI and collaborator on both private and federal grants, he established new telehealth programs and solidified and united existing ones. Through this work, Dr. McElligott has gained the support of the state legislature securing over 100 million dollars of funding for telehealth. He founded the SCTA and has led the strategic planning process to equitably distribute these funds and concurrently ensured responsible financial oversight. He is responsible for the significant advancements in telehealth adoption across SC through his work collaborating with the State Legislature, Department of Mental Health, Department of Health and Human Services, the Board of Medical Examiners, payers, providers, and nonprofit organizations. Dr. McElligott has recently been recognized for his work leveraging telehealth to improve the health of South Carolinians with the 2020 South Carolina State Champion Award for Telehealth, MUSC’s 2020 Physician of the Year Award, the 2020 MUSC Innovator Award, and the 2020 Margaret Jenkins Pediatric Teaching Award. Dr. McElligott serves on numerous regional and national advisory committees and has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles in the field of telehealth.

Jimmy McElligott headshot