Rural Hospital Financial Health

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Project Overview

Telehealth holds great potential for helping keep rural hospitals financially viable. Members of the MUSC team will be conducting a variety of evaluations to help shed light on rural hospital financial health and its intersection with telehealth. This year, using a variety of databases, we will create descriptive work  on hospital finances related to merged and closed rural hospitals. We also will also continue our work evaluating models for tele-emergency programs. We will be exploring the role of CMS’ new Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) designation on rural hospital health and intersections with telehealth. Finally, the COE will be conducting an in-depth evaluability assessment of a telehealth partnership model MUSC began three years ago with a rural, community hospital that was at risk for closing, with plans to develop an in-depth case study of the potential of such partnerships.   


  • Medical University of South Carolina


  • Dunc Williams Jr., MHA, PhD
  • Kit N. Simpson, DrPH
  • Jada Johnson, MS
  • Marc Heincelman, MD, MPH
  • Yotam Papo, MD, MPH
  • Jillian B. Harvey, PhD, MPH
  • Core Team - MUSC


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