Scale and Evaluate Smoking Cessation and COPD Screening E-Visit

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Project Overview

Cigarette smoking is a leading contributor to COPD and residents of rural areas are nearly twice as likely to have COPD as residents of metropolitan areas. Building on our COE’s prior pilot, we will test the clinical effectiveness and evaluate the implementation potential of a series of asynchronous smoking cessation and COPD screening electronic visits that can be delivered proactively via the electronic health record to all rural smokers.


  • Medical University of South Carolina


  • Jennifer Dahne, PhD
  • Katie Sterba, PhD
  • Vanessa A. Diaz, MD, MSCR
  • Matthew J. Carpenter, PhD
  • Marty S. Player, MD, MSCR
  • Sarah Miller, RN, PhD
  • Noelle Natale
  • Olivia Levins
  • Charlie Strange, MD
  • Core Team - MUSC


  • Active