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Project Overview

One in four primary care visits includes some type of skin complaint. In Mississippi, there are nearly 50,000 patients per one dermatologist and patients often wait up to six weeks to see a dermatologist. UMMC Telehealth and Dermatology have adapted the Project ECHO model to serve Mississippi's healthcare providers and patients, especially those in rural and/or underserved regions. Project ECHO for Dermatology empowers primary care providers to treat skin conditions in their communities through case based learning and didactics. Providers can also expand the treatment of skin condition in their practices by submitting cases for treatment feedback. The Department of Dermatology and Center for Telehealth will continue to collaborate on project ECHO. In the current year, this ECHO project will continue to grow through community provider recruitment. Outcomes will be analyzed and published using collected data.


UMMC Department of Dermatology


  • The University of Mississippi Medical Center


  • Vinayak K. Nahar


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