Improving Clinical Outcomes by Addressing Digital Inequities

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Project Overview

In this project we will partner with Pacific Basin Telehealth Resource Center (PBTRC) and Wai'anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (WCCHC). This project is motivated by the need to address digital inequities and improve access to telehealth services for underserved populations, particularly those with chronic conditions that lack access to healthcare because of social determinants of health particularly those with a burden of traveling and lack of digital devices and literacy. Digital disparities can create barriers to healthcare access, and providing connectivity data subsidies aims to mitigate these barriers by enabling telehealth usage. We will partner with a vendor to deliver a mobile devices and subsidized plans. In this workplan, WCCHC will enroll 150-175 patients with diabetes who are unable to come for an in-person visit because of travel and other social economic consitions. We will provide them with mobile devices and data plans. Our intent is too compare pre-implementation data with post implementation data to evaluate change in clinical outcomes, utilization of ED and hospital visits for accessing healthcare, and healthcare resource utilization with these patients.


Pacific Basin Telehealth Resource Center (PBTRC)
Wai'anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (WCCHC)


  • The University of Mississippi Medical Center


  • Michele ''Chrissy'' Kuahine


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