Members from the MUSC Telehealth Center of Excellence Team presented findings at the International Conference on Health Policy Statistics

Members from the MUSC Telehealth Center of Excellence team presented findings at the International Conference on Health Policy Statistics held January 9-11 in Scottsdale, AZ. The theme of the conference was Upgrading the Pipeline from Health Data to Health Policy, providing the MUSC COE a unique opportunity to discuss methods for managing and analyzing telehealth data and using telehealth data to inform policy.


Ryan Kruis (Director, Research & Grants, Center for Telehealth) presented the team’s work using claims and administrative data to map utilization of healthcare services to guide strategic deployment of telehealth services to mitigate access to care issues.

Use of health care utilization heatmaps to inform statewide telehealth policy and expansion in South Carolina | Kruis, MSW; M. Dooley, PhD; A. Simpson, PhD; K. Simpson, DrPH; J. McElligott, MD, MSCR


Dr. Daniel Brinton (Assistant Professor, College of Health Professions) presented innovative methods for combining intensive care EHR data to aid outcome analysis. These methods have been used on a number of COE ICU projects.

Matching irregular EHR intensive care data to create an accurate & analyzable dataset | Brinton, PhD; A. Goodwin, MD, MSCR; Annie Simpson, PhD


Both presentations were met with great enthusiasm among conference participants, which included leading experts on the use of data and statistics to analyze and inform health policy.