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UMMC Project ECHO Series - STD's in the Community

July 4 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Project Echo

Mississippi has the highest rate of STI's (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis) in the United States. Mississippi has seen a remarkable increase in syphilis in recent years, including a > 1000% increase in congenital syphilis since 2016. Steady funding cuts to public health, and an overall diminution in core public health capacity, have necessitated the transition of STI care from health department clinics to private clinics and community health centers. Diagnoses of STIs come primarily from community medical facilities. There is a general lack of awareness of STDs among Mississippi medical providers. There is also a lack of comfort in treating STIs in the general clinic setting.

Target audience: Physicians, Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Social Workers, Community Health Workers, Pharmacist, and other interested healthcare providers. Community Clinicians will get CME/CEU in a virtual learning network through the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Registration Here: https://iecho.org/public/program/PRGM17017185624068GG64QJQSU


7 MARCH Congenital syphilis
4 APRIL Epidemiology of STIs in the US and MS
2 MAY Identifying and managing syphilis in adults
6 JUNE Gonorrhea and chlamydia
1 AUGUST HIV Prevention - PrEP
5 SEPT STD prevention DoxyPEP
3 OCT The other STD's - trichomonas, M genitalium, BV